What we do and how we do it

We design and realize pull out system kitchen to make everyday life easier. We are close to small, medium and big companies who are looking for a reliable partner, able to offer a quality product and an excellent support, from the design to the after-sale service.

Inoxa collections: “the useful beauty”

We produce complete range of accessories for kitchen furniture in steel, chromed wire and plastic, giving attention to every detail, thanks to the most advanced technologies and to the creativity of craftsmanship. Our Useful Beauty is the result of the marriage between technology and aesthetics, without compromise.

What makes each Inoxa collection special

Our challenge is to create both useful and beautiful products creatively, choosing the most suitable materials and technologies to get the client satisfied of our products.

Unique design

We design concreteness and realize brand new living spaces

Easy to install

We innovate by simplifying

Maximum loading capacity 40/120 Kg

We imagine, we create and we test

Custom projects

We find solutions to our clients' needs


In our magazine you will find a section about design and lifestyle, advices to organize your kitchens and updates about our company.

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Interview to Francesca Cionna, the Human Resources and Production Control dept

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