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25 March 2024

How to best organize the space in the kitchen

In the kitchen, it seems that space is never enough for stocking food, small appliances and a ton of accessories, not to mention pots, lids and crockery. However, in this part of the house we spend a lot of time: it is the place for preparing meals, but also for sharing moments with our family to eat together, talk and tell stories. It is therefore important to find a tidy and pleasant environment to live in and, at the same time, to contain everything we need in a practical way.

Here are our tips for organizing the space in the kitchen in the best possible way, so that everything is beautiful and useful.

  1. Customized design

    Every centimetre becomes precious to contain everything and to leave enough space to move freely: that's why a smart design done by a professional is essential to make the most of every space and gain new ones. Systems with functional and practical solutions, as well as aesthetically pleasing, become the key point. In fact, every kitchen is different, as are the needs of each person who lives in it. Taste, habits and space must meet in the perfect solution, the tailor-made one.
  2. Think Vertically

    Often our mind can't see the space: we fill floors and surfaces, but we don't make enough use of the space vertically. It is true that it is more difficult to achieve height, but it can be used to store items that we don't use on a daily basis, such as small appliances or shelf-stable food supplies. Using hanging solutions and shelves to create additional storage helps free up space on the lower shelves, which can thus comfortably hold everything we need every day. 

    In the same way, it is possible to take advantage of the internal space of kitchen cabinets vertically, for example thanks to pull-out columns, with pull-out elements, independent drawers with manual extraction or automatic extraction mechanisms.

  3. Optimize interior space

    In the kitchen, the organization of the interior furniture is essential: it is incredible how you can obtain additional space with the right accessories, while maintaining order and practicality of use. Pull-out pantries, internal dividers, drawers and storage baskets guarantee customization and convenience.

    Even corners, which are usually difficult to reach, can be useful with the right accessories. Our collection of kitchen corner mechanisms consists of numerous corner solutions: from full-extension systems to swivel elements.

    Inoxa solutions to optimize space in the kitchen

  4. Take advantage of every exterior space

    The exterior space can also be used but paying attention to aesthetics and avoiding a feeling of visual clutter. For example, the tool bar can be useful to free up space in drawers and shelves. Shelves allow you to play with elements such as vases, baskets, decorative plants or a nice collection of cups and cups (but which are matching and coordinated). In the same way, a nice set of dishes could be kept "in sight", as well as glasses.

    The worktop should be left as free as possible, however, we can plan to place some objects here, such as nice wooden cutting boards. As for small appliances (coffee machines, blenders, toastersI it is a good idea to choose coordinated appliances, to highlight the aesthetics of the kitchen.

  5. Eliminate the superfluous

    Optimization and organization are key, but we should help ourselves by eliminating the superfluous. Removing what we don't use or don’t need allows us to gain in order and also to have everything we own under control. In fact, we often have drawers full of objects that we don't use and that we don't know we have: in this case, space is still wasted space, because it could be better used, for things that really bring value to our daily lives.

    If you are looking for a customized solution based on your specific needs, please contact us. We look forward to your support.