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28 July 2022

Interview to Angela Crispiani, Inoxa's Head of QA department

Can you explain your position in the company and your working activities?

My position within Inoxa relate to various departments: it involves constant coordination in the quality assurance management of our production process, in order to ensure Inoxa’s customers that raw materials, processes and final products reach and observe internal and external standards. As a Quality Manager, I need to focus my attention on the understanding of the customer's needs and product requirements, along with the review and motivation of internal resources. In that sense, everyone gives its contribution to a cooperative and improving environment.


How important is to meet Quality standards in manufacturing stage and final products for Inoxa?

For Inoxa, it has always been fundamental to achieve Quality standard in processes and final products. I say “always” because this company has been constantly committed to a continuous improvement over the years. Nowadays it is essential to make sure that manufacturing and production processes meet the market’s increasingly rigid and challenging specifications in terms of quality standards. The company leitmotiv is to guarantee a final product that is reliable, practical and functional, I would say unique in design and aesthetics.


What are the future areas of action to achieve even more ambitious QA goals?

We will surely improve and grow by focusing both at suppliers and on the internal production process. But I think that it is even more important to invest in the team building, in the training and motivation of the staff because every final product of good quality comes from the mind, the hands and the care that people put into what they do: Quality is made by people.


Let’s go back in time, at your first day in Inoxa. What do you remember of that day?


I started in Inoxa conscious, but not entirely aware, of the business and family atmosphere in which I was entering. Since the first months, I can say that I felt at home. The family atmosphere around me, gave me the sense of belonging and passion for what someone’s do. From the first moment I have entered the company, I have put passion and dedication in every new challenge and assignment. Today, I confirm these feelings and I can say that the trust I received then is now still an encouragement to improve and grow. The countless small satisfactions in seeing our goals achieved and the awareness of contributing to the progress of this unique company is priceless.


What are the values that you think inspire your corporate culture?


I strongly believe in the company and I am aware that Inoxa has the potential to grow even more, because what inspires our corporate culture is knowing that every goal is not the end but the starting point. It’s a challenge for the future.