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14 February 2023

Pull-out baskets by Inoxa designed for bathroom and wardrobe

Experience in artisanal design let Inoxa pull-out solutions for kitchen expand to bathroom and wardrobe too. The “Useful Beauty” philosophy is now applied to other rooms of the house, linking functionality to aesthetic so that everything can be organized and in place according to a new trend in furnishing. What it pursues is a more comfortable and easier way to organize the spaces we live in.


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Organizing home spaces with method and style helps living daily life in a more practical way; well-organized homes are easier to clean up. We’ve experienced how pull-out solutions provide kitchens with sustainable features such as food preservation to avoide any kind of waste.


Pull-out baskets for wardrobe

Inoxa’s new pull-out baskets for wardrobe are the perfect choice to organize spaces. They are made of printed metal sheet with wood detailing and painted round wire and can be adjusted to any kind of wardrobe and dimensions.

Ipnos is our new collection dedicated to interior solutions for wardrobe, featuring Grass NovaPro full extraction slides and Salice Futura partial extraction slides.


Pull-out baskets for bathroom

Our bathroom is getting more and more essential in our daily life since the latest trends turned it into a small spa directly in our home.

We use many bodycare products, tubes, jars, packages which are getting harder to keep organized and within reach.

This is why Inoxa designed Zenith, a collection of pull-out systems for bathroom made of printed metal sheet and painted round wire featuring Grass NovaPro extraction slides and Salice Futura partial extraction slides.


In this article we’ve described Inoxa’s new collections of pull-out systems for bathroom and wardrobe. If you’re interested in learning more about our company and our collections, contact us. We’ll be happy to give you more details about us.