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30 April 2024

How to organize your laundry room

Whether there is a specific area in our house or not, we all must deal with the sort of detergents for cleaning and accessories for the laundry: ironing boards, vacuum cleaners, brooms, that struggle to find the right place.

Some are lucky enough to have a specific and chosen area (a closet or an entire room), while others must get it where they can. However, objects always seem to be too much, and space is always too little: that's why the right organization can make all the difference.

Inoxa has therefore created a line of accessories dedicated to the organization of cleaning objects.

Discover Limpieza

With the right solutions, even small spaces can become practical store areas, where objects shall be placed in an orderly manner. Whatever the chosen corner, as, for example, the kitchen or bathroom, hallway or entrance, or even the bedroom, let's see how to best organize the laundry area:

Think Vertical

Walls are often unused space to organize storage room, especially at the top. Buy shelf and rack and take advantage of the walls.

It's true that having objects stored high up is not at all comfortable, but there are certainly objects that we don't use daily or don't need to always have at hand: leave the heights to them and arrange things in order of use from the lowest shelf up.

Consider, when adding shelves, that you also need free space in height, for convenient storage, broom, vacuum cleaner, mop, or ironing board.

Equipped walls are a very useful system to organize, with modular shelves and hooks.

Customized Design

A designed and tailor-made space works perfectly for an organized area, especially if the room available is not much.

From the need for optimization and order, we introduce our new Limpieza line, a collection that consists of various elements that can be purchased separately or in a full set, to make a more organized storage unit for cleaning items:

Use baskets, containers, and organizers

Once you've sorted the items by category, assign them a specific place. You can use boxes, baskets, or storage containers to keep them grouped together and make sure that everything has its place and is easy to pick up.

Think about how much visual order you could achieve if you took all the messy items out of sight and put them in neat boxes. For an even better result, choose them all coordinated.

An equipped wall will also help you divide the various objects: sponges, rags, detergents and so on, making the most of the space available.

Consider your habits and get rid of unnecessary

Think about your habits and reconsider everything you have. Keep only what you really use and eliminate everything else – if ironing isn't an option for you, why not consider getting rid of the iron? If you've seen that you only need two products to clean your whole house, why insist on buying new and different ones?

Regardless the optimization of room, remember that it is not endless, and to maintain order it is necessary to reduce the number of objects.

 If you are looking for a customized solution based on your specific needs, please contact us. We look forward to supporting you.