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27 September 2022

Interview to Paolo Principi, Finance & Administration Manager

Can you explain your position in the company and your working activities?

I am the Finance & Administrative Head and Manager of a close and competent team. Our job is to control the accounting and corporate tax obligations, the preparation of the financial statements and tax returns.
In addition to the administrative procedures, I manage the control and planning of the company treasury to balance income and expenses.

Let's go back in time at your first day in Inoxa. What do you remember of that day?

My first impression of Inoxa was of a small industrial company. I had worked in a medium-large company with about 300 employees and being in a small reality excited me, as I would have been able to see every administrative aspects of the company.
Furthermore, I think changes have always been a chance to learn and a challenge to improve myself.

What are the values that you think inspire your corporate culture?

In a company, harmony is strength. The more its teams collaborate, the more the company can improve.
What inspires our corporate culture is a continuous search of technical and logistics innovations, to promote the necessary investments to ensure future growth.

What are the goals and challenges that your department is currently facing?

The biggest challenge is to try to obtain, in real time, all the information necessary to improve data analysis, strategic choices and ensure adequate cash flows.

How can the Finance & Administration management contribute to the growth of the company and improve the relationship with its customers?

The growth of a company highly depends on the synergy of its individual departments. The more you work simultaneously and harmoniously, the greater the chances to grow.
The Administrative Department plays a key role, as all the information joins here, therefore it acts together with all the other departments.
In the relationship with customers, the Administrative Department provides analyses and elements to evaluate their suitability and supports strategic choices.
To the customers, it promptly gives the information they need and assists them in administrative and accounting matters.