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10 May 2024

Interview to Rita Cavalletti, Head of the frame assembly department

We interviewed Rita Cavalletti, who told us what it means to manage Inoxa’s frame assembly department. Thanks to her twenty-years experience inside the company, she knows everything about frames and the organization of orders and industrial processes.


  1. Can you tell us about your role at Inoxa and what you do?

    I manage the assembly process of frames. I receive customer orders from the planning office, and then I schedule the various processing phases, from the raw material to the finished product.
    I also check the quality of the product throughout the entire process.

  2. Could you tell us how you started working at Inoxa and your journey in the company?

    I arrived at Inoxa in 2004. I came from another company, still in the metalworking sector, but farther from here. I decided to present my CV at Inoxa as it was a company I had known about for quite some time.

    As soon as I was hired I was assigned to the frame department, then over time, after acquiring more skills, I took on the role of manager. So I have never changed department ever since I arrived. I know everything about frames, including variations and customer customizations.

  3. What does it mean to be the manager of such an important department for Inoxa production?

    Being a manager is an important role. I have to organize the whole department in the best possible way, coordinating the many work phases, up to the packaging of the finished product, in order to ship it.

  4. What are the values ​​that guide you in your work and that you share with the company?

    The values ​​that guide my work and that I share with the company are the constant pursuit of customer satisfaction, so that every order is processed as quickly and effectively as possible. Also, the importance of communication and collaboration with my colleagues in order to create a good, coordinated and cohesive team.

  5. What you like most about the company is…

    What I appreciate most in the company is the seriousness and good relationship that is established between the management and the workers, made up of collaboration and respect.

  6. What do you think are the future developments of the field? For example, in the materials and characteristics of the products, do you think there will be any evolutions?

    I believe that this field, as well as the materials and characteristics of the products, will always be evolving. Customers themselves are constantly looking for a unique and customized product, so that it is always cutting-edge and innovative.