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13 April 2022

Interview with Roberto and Silvano Trombettoni owners of Inoxa s.r.l.

Silvano, let us go back in time. When and how was Inoxa born?

Inoxa was born in 1998. For me, it was a challenge I faced with the same curiosity, enthusiasm and proactive attitude with which I had started my career as a sales representative. Being a sales representative has developed the consciousness of how important the relationship with the customer is, along with the assistance before and after sales. I brought those major points to the company since its creation, I wanted the human relationship to be at the core of our work environment and of our way of working.

Roberto, when you joined the company, what was the wealth of experience, skills and values that you inherited from your father?

I joined the company in my early 20s. I believe that the most important value he transmitted to me was being present: the commitment to be there every day for the people who collaborate with us and address to us. Then, another value is the attention as an exercise in listening and seeking. We must pay attention to everything in the company, starting from, of course, the production processes, but also to the relationship with our internal staff, workers, suppliers and customers.

How has the company improved in the internal organization and services offered to the customer?

The company has grown a lot in the recent years, both in terms of turnover and in terms of internal staff. We have expanded our range of products and services to customers, because if you want to give more, you must have the right people to guarantee it. Today Inoxa exports its products all over the world and offers its expertise to meet the various needs of our partners.

How would you describe your company culture?

We are committed on building a healthy environment that involves everyone. We want our employees to feel they are part of something that belongs to them too. We try to understand what their needs are and to satisfy them, because well-being is something that you carry with you, even in the work place. We also deeply mind at the way we communicate: kindness, openness, a welcoming attitude are crucial values in the relationship between colleagues.

Roberto, what do you see in Inoxa future?

Although the socio-economic context is uncertain, I believe it is important to carry on our improvement processes. Our main goal is to offer more to the market: better and better service and performing products.