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17 June 2024

Kitchen organization and aesthetics with Murano collection

In a modern kitchen, organization and optimization of space are essential to create a functional and pleasant environment. Inoxa knows well how important it is to combine aesthetics and functionality. Thanks to our pull-out baskets, every corner of the kitchen can increase its storage capacity, keeping order and style.

Our products are designed to help small, medium and large companies in the search for reliable, quality solutions. We offer complete support from design to after-sales, ensuring a relationship of trust and reliability. Our accessories, made with quality materials such as steel wire, chromed iron, metal sheet, aluminium, glass and plastic, are designed down to the smallest details thanks to advanced technologies and artisanal care to finishes.

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Murano collection: elegance and innovation

Murano represents our philosophy of “beautiful and useful” at best: a brand new collection of pull-outs, designed to make the space in the kitchen more organised.

These accessories, inspired by traditional craftsmanship and made with high quality materials, offer smart solutions for organizing kitchen spaces. Murano pull-out systems not only optimize space, but add a touch of elegance and refinement thanks to their refined design.

We want the kitchen to be not just a place to cook, but a space where aesthetics blend perfectly with functionality, improving your daily life and enhancing every moment spent at home.

Products from Murano collection

Murano collection is made up of painted box-shaped aluminum containers detailed with glass edges. The bottom is in melamine and can be treated with non-slip transparent varnish on request. Baskets are equipped with Grass Nova Pro guides and a soft-closing system as standard.

Having a well-organized kitchen means simplifying daily activities, reducing stress and increasing the pleasure of living in your home. With Inoxa, the beautiful and the useful find their ideal synthesis, without compromise.

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If you are interested in learning more about our company or want more information on the product range, contact us. If you are looking for an effective point of contact for the realization of a project and wish to rely on a company capable of offering customized solutions based on your specific needs, we always guarantee maximum support and reliability, from the design phase to after-sales.