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19 February 2024

Our tips to restyle your bedroom

Here are a few tips to restyle your bedroom easily but effectively, without carrying out renovation works.

With the right ideas and accessories, and a functioning method it’s possible to reach a beautiful yet functional result without too much effort.


It doesn’t make sense to keep all those items that you don’t use anymore, be it because they’re too old or too broken to work well. Your restylings must start from a huge decluttering to create more space.

This way, you’ll get a “lighter” space that will look bigger, more enjoyable and full of light.

Restyle the walls

A small work with a great final effect. Paint your walls with a different color or use a new wallpaper, but always pay attention to colors that emphasize relax and are pleasing to the eye.

Change fabrics

Fabrics are so versatile that they allow you to play with styles creating a pleasant space. Curtains made of light-colored fabric will completely change your bedroom outcome. A bedspread in nude shades will make your bed look cleaner and more relaxing; while adding extra tonal pillows of different sizes on it will make it extremely inviting. Last but not least, for a warm and welcoming bedroom there’s nothing better than a carpet all over the floor.

Play with details

Details make the difference: don’t fill your bedroom with objects and decorations, just choose two or three design accessories and focus on them. A particular lamp, a fabric headboard, a few co-ordinated decorations, always minimal and modern.


Organization is what makes the difference between a chaotic bedroom and a tidy one.

The trick is to always keep surfaces free by having everything at hand and in the right place, without leaving stuff all over the place.

For this reason, here at Inoxa we designed many items for the bedroom that aim at improving your space organization. Wardrobe fittings become beautiful and functional thanks to our accessories created to make the best out of your bedroom space.

Get the perfect wardrobe organization with Inoxa

We offer a wide range of solutions that are easy to use and maximize space capacity, creating a perfectly tidy wardrobe. We often focus on the wardrobe aesthetic and external design, but we shouldn’t forget about what’s inside. Inoxa’s items are designed for this.

Find out Inoxa solutions

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