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20 July 2023

A wardrobe always in order thanks to Inoxa

Our commitment is to create systems that simplify people's daily lives, creating comfortable and pleasant living environments.
Through beautiful and practical products, everything finds its place in a well-organized compartment, easy to access and that gives a sense of peace and fulfilment.

We’d like to give you some tips to tidy up not only the kitchen, but also other home spaces, starting from the place where many of our most intimate and personal things are kept: the wardrobe.

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In our houses, space never seems to be enough and the closets are never large enough, therefore we feel overwhelmed by our own things. But often it is just a matter of organization and to get rid of the superfluous.

In fact, there are many ideas that can help to have everything at hand and in perfect order. We often dwell on the aesthetics of the wardrobe and its exterior, while we should never neglect its internal organization.

Inoxa pull out wardrobe compartment storage

Ipnos is Inoxa’s new line of pull out compartments, made with a wide range of materials to meet all needs: from pressed sheet metal with wooden and velvet details, to painted round wire. The frames are fully adjustable in width and are equipped with full extension Grass NovaPro slides and Salice Futura partial extraction slides.

Keywords: space, order, practicality:

APP: pull out  aluminum pants holder

AZPSL: pull out vertical shoe holder, made of metal sheet

APOL: pull out storage, made of metal sheet and with velvet dividers

They are a perfect solution to guarantee maximum capacity, ease of use and organization of your room.

How to organize your wardrobe: our tips

Our dream is to open the wardrobe and see all our most beautiful clothes, bags and shoes in perfect order, being able to distinguish them, and choose easily what we want to wear. But often it is not the reality. So, how do you keep a closet tidy, without great effort? Here are three tips:


  1. Start with decluttering: eliminate the things you don't use and do in and out at every change of season. Getting rid of the superfluous does not mean having fewer things, but having only what makes you feel good.

  2. Give the right space to the clothes, shoes and accessories you wear regularly and reserve them the most easily accessible part of the closet. Put the most beautiful garments in plain sight and give them the space they deserve, thanks also to the previous decluttering.

  3. Organize your clothes, shoes and accessories by categories in space-saving systems, such as dividers and pull-out elements. Take advantage of the space vertically, choosing hangers and organizers which allow you to have extra 'shelves'.


Remember that sorting out your things can help you improve your inner order, because a messy house can be a source of stress. After all, who has never felt that sense of pleasure and fulfillment when coming home after a long day at work and finding it tidy and clean? Imagine living it every day, opening your wardrobe.

If you are looking for a customized solution based on your specific needs, contact us. We look forward to being by your side.