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27 May 2024

How to renovate your bathroom in 5 steps

If you are thinking of redoing your bathroom, but don't want to undertake major renovations, here you will find some simple but effective suggestions.

Maybe you've just moved into a new house that needs some renovation, or simply after a few years your bathroom seems dated or you no longer like it as much as you used to. In fact, our needs change over time and with them also those of our home.

Renovating the bathroom does not necessarily have to mean major work: with a little attention to visual order and aesthetics, together with a smart organization of spaces, it is possible to turn it into an oasis of peace and well-being: it's time to give the place dedicated to self-care the make-over it deserves.

Look at your bathroom with new eyes

What is needed is not always a total and drastic change. Sometimes a few not too demanding changes are enough to give a new look to an environment. However, it is necessary to imagine it in a different look. A slightly old-fashioned sink could become the centerpiece of a vintage and original bathroom, perhaps by repainting the walls or changing the mirror could add a touch of personality. So try to identify what could have new life and what absolutely must disappear, then start from there to imagine the style that your bathroom could take on and consequently what you need in order to achieve it.

Renovate the walls and floors

A small job but with a big impact is certainly to renovate the bathroom walls. In fact, a dated bathroom cannot be recognized only by the bathroom fittings: it is often the tiles that affect the aesthetics of the entire room. The good news is that you don't need to remove the tiles, but there are several ways to cover and renew them:

  • you can cover them with thinner and lighter tiles or with resin
  • you can paint them with tile enamels quite easily

In addition to the tiles, you could consider changing the bathroom floors, again without having to remove them. You can choose, for example, vinyl or laminate flooring.

Invest in lighting and mirrors

Don't underestimate the importance of lighting and mirrors in renovating your bathroom. New lighting can do wonders for creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. For example, you could consider installing LED lights or directional spotlights to add a touch of modernity and functionality. Or a vintage chandelier or one with a particular design if you have decided to opt for this style.

Another element capable of giving great character to the room is the mirror. In addition to reflecting light and creating a sense of spaciousness, a well-placed mirror can become a key decorative element: again, choose it based on the overall style you want for your bathroom.

Add decorative details

One of the most fun things about renovating a bathroom without a full remodel is playing with decorative details. Add a pop of color with new towels, rugs or shower curtains. These little touches can transform the look of your bathroom, adding personality and style.

Also, don't forget to add some plants or decorative accessories to bring some life and freshness. Even a simple vase of flowers or a scented candle can make the difference and transform your bathroom giving it a home spa atmosphere.

Optimize spaces and maintain order

What more than anything makes a space pleasant to live in is the well-being you feel at the sight of it, in addition to the functionality of the rooms. A place that is comfortable to use and beautiful to look at is a place that is well organized and tidy. Rethink the organization of the room and find a place for everything, trying to optimize and make the most of the spaces.

In fact, we use many products dedicated to the care of our body: being able to keep them in order and have everything at hand becomes difficult. This is why our experts have created a collection of pull-out baskets for the bathroom and with detachable adjustable drawer, thanks to which the environment will be better organised, tidier, functional and pleasant. Our Zenith collection is designed for this.

3 ideas to better organize the bathroom

If you are looking for a customized solution based on your specific needs, contact us. We will be happy to be by your side.