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02 November 2023

Kitchen: 5 ways to make it look more beautiful and functional

Nowadays kitchen is the heart of the house, the main multifunctional room where people eat and spend time together. We could safely say that, along with the living room, it’s the home space dedicated to family and that’s why it’s turning more and more into an open space including the living room too.

A place that therefore should be cozy and welcoming, where people can enjoy their time and feel good. For this reason, it’s important to ensure it’s always at its best.

Of course, since we spend a lot of time in there, it could get a little messy sometimes: dishes in the sink, not so shiny stove top, tolls all over the place and home appliances can contribuite creating a visual stress – they make us think about all the thing we still need to do – and a non-functional space, where instead every tool should be easy to find.

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A functional space is necessary, but we must not forget about beauty. Aesthetics is important and when we live in a place we like we’re more keen to keep it clutter free.

This also applies to kitchen whose furniture and setting aren’t usually changed frequently. A good quality kitchen lasts for many years, but trends change and so do our tastes. That’s why what once was considered our dream kitchen, now doesn’t look so good anymore and seems to be “old”.

Here are 5 low-cost ideas to restyle your kitchen:

  1. Use shelves and upper cabinets
    The first idea to embellish your kitchen focuses on the walls. You could take off some upper cabinets that look old and replace them with shelves or racks, combining functionality and aesthetics. Decorate them as you prefer: glass jars for spices, plants, cute cups or small decorative objects. 

  2. Paint your cabinet doors
    The easiest way to restyle your kitchen look is to paint your cabinet doors. Just choose a trending color that matches the rest of the furniture. Your kitchen will look brand new.

  3. Paint the walls or the tiles
    If your furniture still looks good you can refresh your kitchen style just by painting one or two walls; you could also paint the tiles.

  4. Change table and chairs
    Changing a few pieces of furniture surely helps giving a different look to your kitchen. Table and chairs, for example, have a great impact on the overall kitchen aesthetics. You could replace your old wooden chairs with designer chairs, or buy a more modern table. Just make sure that every element you changed matches perfectly the rest of the kitchen.

  5. Change accessories and tools
    Details often make the difference, don’t underestimate their visual impact. Jars of all kinds, as the ones for sugar and salt, nice chopping boards, cake stands, but also a designer clock: all these elements can contribute creating that pleasant effect you’re looking for. 

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