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01 August 2022

Pull out drawer baskets for Kitchen

Inoxa’s accessories for kitchen furniture are designed to get your kitchen space well organised and to make your life easier. Thanks to pull out systems, baskets and bins, everything easily finds its place inside the kitchen.


Inoxa has been manufacturing its products for more than 20 years, thanks to a long lasting experience in the production of wire accessories. It offers a wide range of products such as pull out baskets, columns, corner units, a brand new line of polypropylene bins for recycling and dish drainers in round and oval wire, or in metal sheet.


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The whole Inoxa collection reflects the concept of the useful beauty, combining functionality and aesthetics, attention to the materials used and to the finishes proposed, thanks to the last available technologies. Inoxa’s customers can rely on a very professional team of people, who will be glad to assist them with the best solution. One of Inoxa’s strongest point is just the customisation of the product, meeting the needs of the end user without forgetting about aesthetics, functionality and quality.


Inoxa is the ideal partner for small, medium and large companies, who are looking for a reliable partner.
Our recognised quality and professionalism have helped us gain the trust of many partners in the national and international scenario.

Inoxa's in-house production and chrome-plating plant use the most advanced technologies, always with the utmost care to human health and environmental protection. Inoxa is also certified ISO14100.


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