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12 December 2023

Sustainability in the kitchen, even during the holidays

Being able to spend precious moments of conviviality together with the people we love is one of those things that is priceless in life, and Christmas holidays are often the occasion to finally surround ourselves with valuable relationships in an atmosphere of great emotion.

Special events that often involve us so much that we understandably end up overdoing it. Preventing the environment from paying the price we don't pay is however possible: we can avoid excessive waste and make our celebrations a little more sustainable, without giving up the pleasure of being together. Small precautions can make big differences.

We have collected our tips for sustainable cooking, even during the holidays.

Sustainability, in the kitchen too, is based on the 3R philosophy: reduce, reuse and recycle:

  1. Do not overdo it!

    It’s easier said than done, but are we sure that overdoing it is what really makes us happy during the holidays?
    Traditions and a laid table are important, but we could also try to shift attention to relationships, to the pleasure of being together, surrounded by the people we love. Exaggerating with food quantities actually increases the risk of food waste, which is both an environmental and ethical problem that must be avoided.

    Furthermore, driven by the desire of making delicious recipes, we often end up making choices that are not exactly eco-friendly, buying off-season products and foods that have a high environmental impact. Try to start from local ingredients, healthy and, why not, even lighter: are you sure that your guests wouldn't appreciate a less "heavy" meal?

  2. Use what you already have

    Before buying new things to decorate and set the table, try to check what you already have: surely there are things that you didn't even remember having and that you could reuse.

    This way you reduce your shopping list and give new life to things that are still in perfect condition. And if you don’t have much, tru to use what nature gives us.

    One thing you can certainly avoid buying are disposable dishes, cutlery and glasses. When there are many guests and even more dishes, it surely gets challenging, but it’s mainly the idea of ​​saving a little time in washing the dishes that drives us towards this choice. What if instead we also made this a moment of family sharing? It could even become a pleasant activity if done together, exchanging some chat and laughter.

  3. Recycle

    It can happen to everyone, while having dinner with many people, to feel discouraged by the amount of waste to be sorted and thus end up not sorting it at all or doing it very roughly. Instead, it is important to commit to this every single day, in order to protect the environment.

    This is why we at Inoxa have committed ourselves to the creation  of bins designed to make waste separation easier.

    Our collection of accessories for waste sorting in the kitchen includes many solutions and combinations of baskets, with manual and automatic extraction systems. For an organized, sustainable and pleasant kitchen to live in.

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